Beat The Heat With Linen Sarees This Summer Season

Beat the Heat in Style with Pure Linen Sarees

When the temperatures soar in bright sun, the whole fashion industry turns to pure Linen. As a result of its refreshing and comfortable feel, linen sarees are gaining popularity among women today. Combine grace with tradition of Indian attires with the lightweight, no fuss, breathable Linen sarees. This style is loved by fashion lovers for the way it beats the heat without sacrificing style.

The Type of Linen Sarees to Pick this Summer to Feel Cool and Breezy

incorporate these Pure Linen Sarees into your summer wardrobe. We are unpacking trendy summer Linen saree picks that can be sported during summers this season.

  • Pure Linen Silk Floral Embroidery Sarees

    The warmer months are ideal for pastels, as they are refreshing to the eyes and easy to wear. Lately, the combination of pastel light blue with elegant touches of pink and gold captures our hearts as a divine and beloved color pairing. Sarees from Holy Thread are handwoven and feels comfortable in all weather conditions. An artisan-woven saree in light color, embellished with floral motifs and golden threads is a perfect choice for the sultry summers.

  • Quirky Embroidered Linen Sarees

    Choose a saree that is stylish yet minimalistic for your everyday look. If you're looking for a more contemporary look, a quirky saree will make a great choice. Carry this as work wear and get noticed. Add a modern twist to the blouse by pairing it with crop tops. With a perfect looking blouse you can carry the saree not just to your work but for different occasions and as a daily wear. With some nice white sneakers and tassel earrings, the quirky sarees look their best.

  • Linen Gold Zari Work Sarees

    A cotton linen saree with weaved Zari work is a beautiful and elegant piece that can be worn for casual occasions and daily wear. You can wear it on special occasions as well. Soft, comfortable, and breathable, Holy Thread linen sarees are made from pure cotton linen fabric.

    For summer wear, linen is the perfect lightweight fabric. The loose weave of this fabric allows air to circulate, keeping you cool even on the hottest of the days. In addition to providing comfort, it also ensures a graceful drape by preventing the fabric from clinging to the body.

  • Gold Embroidered Kota Linen Silk Sarees

    With the growing demand for sustainable fashion choices, linen sarees are gaining traction. Natural and renewable resources like flax are used to make linen sarees. Additionally, this makes the sarees eco-friendly and sustainable. It is now common for people to make a conscious decision and choose materials that are environmentally friendly. For workplaces, linen is a great choice. There is an air of refinement and elegance about them. With its natural texture, it is a great choice for summertime and formal settings.

If you will be wearing a linen saree to your workplace or for any everyday wear, opt for subtle colors, subtle patterns, and pair it with a contrasting blouse. If you're attending a party, wear bright colors, shiny fabrics and heavy embellishments. The grace and charm of linen fabrics will help you create a well-coordinated outfit and make you look ethereal.

Browse through HolyThread Pure Linen collection if you are looking for a brand that is inspired by the natural beauty, texture, drape, and history of the glorious fabric.