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Holy Thread

Holy Thread sings for artisans to creative and passionate hearts

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Born with a passion to bring all the exemplary crafts of India from every corner under one roof. Every day at Holy Threads is a celebration of the intricacy of Indian craftsmanship. From the beautiful Banarasi weaves to the craft of leheriya, you’ll see a glimpse of every craft at Holy Threads.

As our brand name suggests, we truly believe that there is nothing more divine than the creation that comes into being through the mere set of threads and different skills, and what comes into being is purely magically handcrafted. Holy Threads was founded to lend the experience of adorning something handcrafted in various corners of India that brings the vividity and vibrancy of different cultures together.

  • Why should you choose us?

    At Holy Threads, we never compromise on the quality of our creations. What you get is a blend of the hard work of numerous artisans, designers, and our other team members. We are different not just because what we create is authentic but also because we keep in mind that we are catering to the women of today who deserve a perfect amalgamation of the traditional craft and conventional comfort.

    We strive to deliver the best to you which is reflected in every ethnic ensemble at Holy Threads. Join us in this celebration and become a part of our love for Indian heritage crafts!

  • A Journey of Indian Craftsmanship

    The aura and the charm of Indian Handicrafts are beyond exceptional and unmatchable. The beauty of heritage crafts lies in the details of every finished entity. From the charismatic Chikankari and the authenticity of the hand block printing to the wonderful weaves of Varanasi and the sheen of chiffon, every Indian craft is a mesmerizing magical tale of pure passion and creativity. At Holy Threads, you’ll find an array of these crafts from every corner of indigenous India. From the vibrant hues to sublime pastels, you’ll find something for yourself in our collections for any occasion you are shopping for!