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The Art of Embroidery: Chikankari Sarees:

Chikankari sarees are a conventional form of weaving that began in the city of Lucknow, India. This sensitive and complex weaving is known for its fine points of interest and is regularly done on lightweight textures such as muslin, chiffon, and georgette. In a long time, chikankari sarees have picked up notoriety not as it were in India but too around the world. In this article, we will investigate the history and excellence of chikankari sarees.

History of Chikankari Sarees:

Chikankari weaving has been a portion of Indian culture for centuries. It is accepted to have been presented by the Mughals in the 17th century. The word "chikankari" comes from the Persian word "chikan" which implies weaving. The craftsmanship of chikankari was at first practiced by ladies in their homes, but it picked up ubiquity and acknowledgment amid the rule of the Mughal heads. It was during this time that chikankari sarees got to be an image of extravagance and were worn by the regal families.

The Process of Chikankari Embroidery:

Chikankari weaving is a time-consuming and complex preparation that requires gifted artisans. The preparation starts with the plan being drawn on the texture utilizing a pencil or charcoal. The texture is at that point extended on an outline and the weaving is done utilizing a needle and string. The weaving is done on the posterior of the texture, and the plan is unmistakable on the front. The fastens utilized in chikankari weaving incorporate the backstitch, chain fasten, and hemstitch. The last step is washing the texture to expel the markings and solidifying operators utilized during the weaving prepare.

Types of Chikankari Sarees:

There are various types of chikankari sarees, each with its own unique style and design. The most popular types include:

Lucknowi Sarees:

Lucknowi sarees are known for their intricate chikankari embroidery and are often made on lightweight fabrics such as muslin and chiffon. These sarees are characterized by their delicate and fine details, making them a popular choice for special occasions.

Gota Patti Sarees:

Gota Patti sarees are a fusion of chikankari embroidery and gota patti work, a traditional form of embroidery from Rajasthan. These sarees are known for their intricate designs and are often made of bright and colorful fabrics.