Onam Saree Look – The Saree that is all about White and Gold

Imagine the enchanting simplicity of Kerala Kasavu sarees – a true personification of grace. Onam, a vibrant festival celebrating nature's beauty, comes alive with colors. Amidst this brilliance, both men and women adorn themselves with these stunning attires. The blend of white and gold threads in the Kerala special Kasavu sarees, create an allure that perfectly captures beauty in its purest form. 

While a Kasavu saree has a modest charm, there exists numerous variations of Onam sarees online. Particularly in recent times, the saree has undergone a makeover to suit the contemporary preferences of individuals.

The saree isn't limited to South India anymore; it's being embraced and worn all over India for different occasions. While the festival's roots are in Kerala, its style has enchanted people far beyond the state's boundaries. 

In this blog, we'll learn how to achieve the lovely Onam saree look !

Enchanting Elegance: The White and Gold Saree Magic

The Kasavu saree, a classic Indian attire, usually features a white or cream base adorned with a stunning gold or zari border. This combination holds deep meanings: the white signifies purity, while the gold border represents prosperity and richness. Rooted in Kerala's cultural legacy, the Kasavu saree is crafted from delicate silk or cotton, and its special touch lies in the way the golden border is woven into the fabric, enhancing the saree's allure.

White and Gold sarees are an integral part of Kerala’s celebrations. It is a popular choice among women for its elegant design and comfort. 

Now let us see how to recreate the ethereal ‘White Gold’ look.

  • Don White and Gold Sarees with Divine Gold Jewellery 
  • The ethereal look of white and gold sarees comes alive when paired with exquisite gold jewelry. During the festival, women love to wear gold jewelry as it carries auspiciousness. To enhance the traditional saree's charm, women opt for lengthy necklaces, earrings, and intricately designed bangles. It's believed that donning such traditional pieces can invite prosperity.

  • Enhance Kasavu Saree with White Jasmines:  Hair Updos 
  • Flowers are important in Onam festivities. The Kasavu sarees radiate beauty when paired with a delicate white Jasmine flower chain. Elegantly arrange your hair in a bun and adorn it with fragrant, pure Jasmine gajra. For a simpler look simply, circle your bun with a lovely gajra.

    For a rather heavier look, try a complete gajra cover or else Pin a two-layered gajra for a quick and charming look. Another option is to let your hair down and decorate it with an open gajra. You can also semi-tie your hair and attach a two-layered gajra at the back.

  • Match them with Statement Blouses
  • If you're looking to instantly elevate your Onam saree, a modern top is the answer! Take inspiration from Bollywood actresses. Combine traditional elegance with a contemporary twist by teaming the saree with a white bustier blouse. Whether you prefer peplum, crop, cami, or a simple polo neck T-shirt, these styles can add a trendy fusion touch to your look. Modern Kasavu sarees radiate charm when paired with striking blouses.


    The Kasavu sarees have taken a playful turn, embracing diverse traditional patterns and lively embroideries. Weavers now add vibrant shades on the saree, toning them with the charming embroidered designs. While still carrying a touch of tradition through the silver and gold border, this saree radiates youthful energy and a contemporary vibe.

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